Tomaz Gorec

Hi, my name is Tomaz. I come from Slovenia and I’m an entrepreneur, blogger, traveler, photographer,…

My life motto is, to life the life to the fullest, as much as possible. I only do things, which make me happy. I’m lucky enough to have a job I really love and am probably one of the few people in the world, which wakes up happy on Monday morning and goes to work.


Tomaz Gorec

I work in my own company, where we do most of our projects online. Our company is one of the leading Slovenian companies in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It basically means, that we bring our client’s website to the top positions in Google search engine. Apart from SEO, we also create websites and do all kinds of online marketing.

For the past 8 years I’ve been actively participating in educating people about Internet and its advantages on various schools, colleges, being a mentor and keynote speaker on different seminars and workshops.

I’m also a co-owner of three other businesses. One is dealing with translations, second one is selling computers and computer accessories and third one is based on tourism activities.

My biggest hobby is definitely traveling. I’ve traveled a big chunk of the world, so far. The only continent I haven’t visited yet, is Australia.

Given the fact that I really love traveling, I’ve come up with a few travel-related projects. Two years ago, I started writing a tourist guide for Island Krk (Croatia), which proved to be a very successful project. It could’ve been even more successful, if I’d have some more time to focus on it, but given the circumstances and bunch of other obligations, I’m currently not in a position to do so. This year, I started a similar project, only this time for Island Pag which also shows signs of a potentially very good project. I’m seriously considering sharing the work on these projects with another partner, since I simply don’t have enough time to do everything on my own.

Apart from the projects I mentioned above, I’m also running the I Love Journeys project, which I considered to be the proper project on a global scale in the near future. Unfortunately, due to the other obligations I’m not focusing too-much on the I Love Journeys project, but I believe this will change soon.

You can find out more about me, if you follow my Instagram profile at . I’m also running my own YouTube channel, at  where you can find some very interesting videos.

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