Treetop walk pohorje – the new lookout tower on Rogla

treetop walk pohorje

Treetop walk Pohorje is the name of the path surrounding the new lookout tower on Rogla, Slovenia, which has been attracting a great number of visitors.

I visited the tower in the middle of the week because I assumed that during the weekend, both the tower as well as the parking lot are too crowded. My predictions were quite on point as last Wednesday; the tower received a large number of visitor in spite of bad weather.

The treetop walk Pohorje is a spectacular sight to see as you can see on the pictures above. It is located in beautiful surroundings with tall pines, which makes it particularly interesting for visitors. Lately, social media has been blowing up with photographs of the beautiful tower as well as the surrounding footpath from professional as well as amateur photographers.

The treetop walk Pohorje includes more than 500 meters of scenic footpath among the pine treetops and a tower over 37 meters high. The circular path leads you to the top and adds another 500 m to the total length of 1000 m of the scenic path.

Words cannot begin to describe the stunning views which is why I recommend watching the following video containing the most amazing views the path has to offer.

The adult entrance fee is around 10 €, whereas children, disabled persons and people older than 65 only pay 8 €. There is also a special family discount with a family ticket costing only 25 € for 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 14.

In October, the Treetop walk Pohorje is opened to the public from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. while in November and December, visitors can visit the tower between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m..

Just outside the entrance, you can find a smaller parking lot which tends to fill up quite quickly but there is ample space for parking available down the road or further up from the entrance. All parking is free of charge.

In general, it is really interesting to walk between the treetops and climb on top of the tower to enjoy the scenery. I’m not really sure it’s worth 10 euros. A slightly higher hill may offer the same if not better views. Of course, that is only my personal opinion and my friend’s who was with me while visiting the Treetop walk Pohorje, and others may feel completely the opposite.

While visiting Rogla, I recommend going for a hike to the beautiful Lovrenška lakes offering amazing views. You will spend no extra money and enjoy some healthy fresh air while admiring the beautiful views during your hike.


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